Tooling and Fixtures

Who better to meet the tooling needs of your robotic system than the system provider itself? DR's Tooling Department has more than 75 years of combined experience designing tools that are user-friendly, low maintenance and ergonomically correct.

Shape Process Automation's unique composite tooling is made with a wear-resistant high temperature aluminum-filled surface coat backed by layers of fiberglass and tooling dough. It can be molded relatively quickly at a lower cost than CNC Aluminum tooling and is ideal for parts with complicated geometries. CNC Aluminum tooling involves machining aluminum to the dimensions required to accommodate the part. Both composite and aluminum tooling are perfect for Shape Process Automation's Router, Waterjet, Laser, Knife Trimming and Materials Handling applications.

Shape Process Automation's high-volume JetVACs and RouterVACs produce up to 4000 CFM of vacuum pressure. The suction holds the part in a repeatable state while removing debris from the tool and depositing it in the hopper. Whether it's a temporary tool designed specifically for use in Shape Process Automation's Process Solution Center, or a built-to-last fixture for permanent use on a production system, Shape Process Automation's Tooling Department can meet customer needs.