RoboTrim RT-1002

robotrim rt-1002

RoboTrim RT-1002

High Throughput Robotic Trimming System

The flexibility and throughout of the RoboTrim™ RT-1002 is what makes it Shape Process Automation's most popular routing system. The RT-1002 can trim a variety of part sizes and materials. Typical part sizes are in the range of 36" x 60" x 18" (914 mm x 1524 mm x 457mm), but others can be mounted to fit. It is ideal for trimming thermoformed, blowmolded, injection molded and rotational molded automotive, agricultural, and consumer goods products, among others. Ask your Dynamic Robotic Solutions salesperson for more detailed information.

The RT-1002 can be equipped with one or two wall-mounted robots. Its 10-foot rotating wall supports two fixtures, one on each side of the wall. Once a part is loaded onto the table and the operator moves from the trimming area to press the Cycle Start button, the part is indexed into the system to be trimmed. As the new part is rotated in, the trimmed part is rotated out to be unloaded.

Safety is our number one priority. Each RT-1002 system is equipped with a variety of safety features (such as light curtains or scanners) designed to separate the operator from the trimming area. This results in a safer and more ergonomic operating environment.