Laser Cutting

laser cutting

L Series

Modern laser cutting can be expensive. Using robots for laser cutting will provide substantial cost benefits compared to conventional CNC laser cutting machines. Robots are less expensive, require significantly less floor space and require virtually no maintenance compared to CNC laser cutting machines.

System Benefits

Robot technology is advancing substantially and Shape Process Automation has been at the forefront in developing new robotic software and technology to push the industry forward. Our recent advances in robotic laser technology have put us far ahead of CNC technology as well as robotic laser cutting tech from our competitors. You wont find laser technology like KMT's Motion Pro or Adaptive Power Control from any other robotics integrator. Connected with the latest in Fiber Laser Technology, We’ve created a 6-axis high speed with the accuracy and repeatability of a more expensive CNC laser system, but without the high cost, high maintenance and low flexibility that go along with CNC.