C Series

c series

Waterjet Cleaning & Surface Treatment

In 3D waterjet cleaning, a waterjet is formed by forcing a fine jet of water through multiple sets of nozzles at very high pressure. The nozzles are mounted at a body that rotates by a pneumatically driven motor. The complete rotojet is a standard Shape Process Automation Waterjet product.

The rotojet unit is mounted at the end of the robot and instead of having steel high-pressure tubing, water to the rotojet is guided through high-pressure flexible hosing to utilize maximum flexibility of the robot.

For cleaning and surface treatment we recommend one of our cleaning systems. The process will efficiently remove a large range of coatings and all kind of substance without damage to the substrate.

Typical applications can be: thermal barriers, dimensional spray, anti fretting plasmaspray, abradables, scale and oxides, paint, glues, rubber type coating and carbonaceous deposits.

What kind of system you finaly choose depends on things like the dimension of the part to be machined, amount of parts, required cycle times, plant environment and of course your budget and running costs. Contact our sales organisation and tell us about your requirements!