JetTool FT Series

ft series

JetTool FT-Series

The JetTool FT-Series Waterjet Cutting Systems are one of the smallest and most economical robotic waterjet trimming solutions. Each FT-Series waterjet system features one or two wall-mounted Shape Process Automation AccuTrim™ robots, each plumbed for high-pressure waterjet delivery, equipped with a high-performance waterjet nozzle and Shape Process Automation's exclusive 6th-axis coil for improved part accessibility.

The FT-Series waterjet cutting systems are ideal for trimming fabric and non-woven materials, composites and plastics. They can be programmed to trim a variety of part sizes and shapes.

Safety is our number one priority. Each system is equipped with a variety of safety features (such as light curtains or scanners) designed to separate the operator from the trimming area, which results in a safer and more ergonomic operating environment.