Laser Trimming

laser trimming

Laser Trimming

Shape Process Automation has developed unique solutions for processing 3D parts for automotive, appliance, recreational vehicle, and other industrial applications. Utilizing fiber or diffusion-cooled CO2 lasers from Rofin-Sinar, Inc., beam delivery components and processing heads from Laser Mechanisms and Fanuc Robots, precision cutting of metal or non-metal parts can be achieved in production environments.

laser trimmingShape Process Automation Robotic Laser Cells use leading industry components

Shape Process Automation, formerly known as Dynamic Robotic Solutions, is also a global leader in robotic water jet, router and knife trimming systems for trimming and cutting of metal, plastic, fiberglass or composite materials.

Shape Process Automation has more than 1500 systems and over 3,700 robots installed around the world. With more than 30 years experience developing, designing, building, servicing and supporting robotic automation solutions for manufacturing customers, Shape Process Automation is strategically positioned to serve the global market through offices in the U.S. and Europe, and representatives in Asia and other major markets.

laser trimmingShape Process Automation is an authorized integrator of Fanuc Robots

Shape Process Automation Robotic Laser Cutting cells have also made a major contribution to the processing of automotive parts, both metal and non-metal. However, as more plastic molded parts are being used in automobiles, Shape Process Automation has responded with robotic laser solutions utilizing CO2 and fiber lasers. Depending on the material and thickness, Shape Process Automation optimizes the process by working with Rofin to select the best laser wave-length, and then designs the appropriate cutting method using laser scanner optics or a traditional laser cutting head.

laser trimmingA Shape Process Automation CO2 beam delivery package mounts on a FANUC M20iA robot with optional scanning laser package

Shape Process Automation specializes in 3D trimming and cutting applications. Their legendary customer service and high value solutions have earned them opportunities to serve manufacturers in a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, appliance, plastics, composites, bath, marine, renewable energy, commercial truck, off-road vehicle, and consumer products.

laser trimmingShape Process Automation Robotic Laser Cells utilize Rofin Sealed CO2 Lasers in a wide range of applications.

As an example of their innovation, Shape Process Automation recently completed a turnkey solution for a major appliance manufacturer that was looking to improve the processing of large molded 3D plastic parts. Their old method was inflexible and costly to modify. Tooling wear frequently caused poor edge condition and rejected parts.

laser trimmingShape Process Automation dual turntable system enhances productivity by facilitating part loading during the cutting process.

Trimming of automotive interior panels, pitch processing of dashboards for fabric bonding, ablation of automotive bumpers and exterior panels are a few of examples where robotic laser processing is currently being employed to improve productivity and processing flexibility.

laser trimmingShape Process Automation automated the process by utilizing robots to transfer the large plastic parts in and out of a robotic laser cutting cell. Three Rofin SCx lasers integrated to individual robots with Laser Mechanisms’ articulated arm beam delivery systems and scanner optics now cuts 250 holes, slots and other internal cutouts in less than 80 seconds. More importantly, the sys-tem has flexibility to be easily adapted to process new product designs.