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Cutting Technology

Our cutting technology optimizes the effectiveness of Shape Process Automation robot solutions

System Calibration Tools

Dynamic Robotic Solutions and FANUC Robotics have developed a set of complementary software tools that allow users to quickly and accurately achieve process repeatability. The tools also give users the ability to transfer programs from one robot to another with minimal touch-up of programmed points, further saving time and simplifying program maintenance. System Calibration Tools include:

  • TCPCal: Software that helps users calculate the robot TCP (Tool Center Point) value in less than two minutes.
  • RobotCal: Software that allows users to accurately and automatically master the robot without use of a mastering fixture, set the TCP location, and accomplish robot mastering recovery.
  • CellCal: Software-based solution used to set up a work cell or fixture in order to define a master frame of reference relative to the robot.


AccuFind is a combination of hardware and software used specifically with parts that have warped, bowed, or shrunk from their original dimensions. AccuFind uses a sensor to determine the part's new dimensions, and then applies offsets to an existing trim program to compensate for the part's new dimensions.

The same process can be used for cutting, drilling holes and slots, as well as for routing the material to a pre-defined depth (ex. weakening the carrier of an instrument panel around the airbag pocket). Utilizing a spindle with tool change capabilities permits the robot to automatically select the proper tool for the application.

The fixture design is essential for the accuracy of the process and both mechanical clamping or/and vacuum cups can be used to hold the part in position. Sensors permit to detect if the part is properly positioned on the fixture before launching the program. A special ventilation system permits to extract the dust from the cell and separate the particle from the air.

RouterWare© and JetWare©

Shape Process Automation's RouterWare (for routing applications) and JetWare (for waterjet applications) are user friendly software packages that provide several utilities for creating and adjusting cut paths. The software packages allow users to dramatically reduce the time required to develop and adjust programs when teaching a part. Both RouterWare and JetWare enable users to produce common geometric shapes with just a few dimensional inputs as well as create libraries of custom shapes.

The software includes on-line, menu driven development of geometric shapes by teaching one to three points versus the six to fifteen normally required in this application. These shapes are generated mathematically to create features that are correct in shape on initial setup as opposed to conventional methods, which often require the user to make several adjustments to produce the desired shape. The utility also allows the user to move individual points or ranges of points through user-friendly menus to make required adjustments.


The CAMpro® software tool eases the transition from CNC routing to robotic trimming. It allows manufacturers to make the most of their previous CAM investment dollars because personnel trained on Mastercam®, SURFCAM®, Delcam and other common CAD/CAM tools can very easily use CamPro®. In addition, CAM programs created to run on CNC machines can be converted to run on Shape Process Automation robotic trimming systems. CAMpro® offers manufacturers several benefits. It makes robotic milling feasible by managing large files through the robot memory and enabling it to mill solid blocks of foam, wood and REN board. CAMpro® simulates the robot path offline, allowing programmers to check interference and arm configuration off-line while the actual system is still in production. As a result, CAMpro® provides manufacturers with an economical way to program a large number of parts. CAMpro® can also run on any computer configured to run CAM software, so there is no need to upgrade or purchase a new computer.

Collision Guard

The FANUC Collision Guard software provides a highly sensitive method to detect that the robot has collided with an object and stops the robot immediately. This feature protects the entire robot and tooling and uses the robot servo system to predict and monitor motor torque to quickly detect collisions. It protects the robot in any mode – jogging, teaching, running production and touching up programs. Collision Guard eliminates the need for a safety clutch in many applications, reducing maintenance costs and downtime potential, while eliminating repeatability concerns due to safety clutch mechanics.

Shape Process Automation Remote Administration

Shape Process Automation's Remote Administration feature enables Shape Process Automation service technicians to dial directly into any system via a live phone line and trouble-shoot system issues. Shape Process Automation technicians can then view each robot teach pendant screen (without the ability to control the robot) and upload or download files to or from the robot controller, PLC and HMI.

Shape Process Automation SmartFile™

Shape Process Automation SmartFile is a set of software utilities that simplify program management on FANUC-based robotic systems. The utilities work seamlessly with other Dynamic Robotic Solutions software (including JetWare and RouterWare) and make loading and storing robot programs on a single robot controller much more cost effective and easier to manage.

SmartFile, which utilizes low cost flash storage, enables users to store hundreds of typical robot programs on a single controller. It can also be configured to transfer entire robot process programs automatically when the system identifies a change in the fixture or part program. In cases where numerous parts are processed, it's no longer necessary for a technician to remove old robot programs and load new robot programs to accommodate the change. Once the fixture is changed and the system is put into automatic mode, the rest is taken care of.


TrimPro offline CAD-to-path software enables users to import CAD part models and create a simulated work cell complete with robots, part transfer devices and obstacles. With TrimPro™ users can create programs offline as well as simulate and optimize the cycle times of existing work cells. This can be done without the time and costs associated with developing a prototype or bringing a system down during production.

FANUC iR-Vision

iR-Vision is a ready-to-use robotic vision system on the FANUC R-30iA controller that provides 2-D and 3-D robot guidance to accomplish part location, presence absence and other operations that normally require special fixtures or sensors.

Shape Process Automation VeriFEED™

Shape Process Automation VeriFEED offers programmers and operators an easy and convenient way to coordinate robot motion on multiple robot systems and control operating speed or feed rate on single and multiple robot systems.