25 years; that's how long we've been perfecting our robotic cutting techniques for automotive applications. Interior or exterior parts, waterjet, router, laser, knife we've done it all multiple times over. We'll work with you to find the right process and the right fit for your budget.

We've developed a range of robotic cutting technologies through many years of experience that put us above all other robotic integrators.

Some examples of our custom tech:

  • Campro - for converting, trimming, and milling paths generated in CAD/CAM software into complete 6-axis robot programs.
  • Motion Pro - a custom Shape Process Automation software package that eliminates the complexity of programming intricate shapes and paths
  • AccuFind - for detecting part location using IR sensors and automatically adjusting the robot cutting path
  • Adaptive Power Control - a laser cutting package that adjusts the speed of the robotic laser head on the fly to improve cut quality and optimize performance.