RoboTrim® FT-700

robotrim ft-700

RoboTrim™ FT-700

Robotic Routing System Designed to Trim Acrylic Bath Tubs

Shape Process Automation's RoboTrim FT-700 bath trimming system has been specifically designed to remove operators from the harsh trimming environment and assist manufacturers in eliminating the part quality issues that accompany the manual trimming process.

Aside from trimming higher quality features in less time than it takes to trim the tub manually, the RoboTrim FT-700 offers several benefits to bath tub manufacturers. The FT-700 eliminates the need for drilling jigs. The system's stationary table or flexible fixture cart each hold the tub in a single position during the trimming cycle, which virtually eliminates the risk of chipping the tub. The optional flexible fixture cart adjusts to hold skirted and non-skirted tubs of a variety of sizes and shapes.