Knife Trimming and Deflashing

knife trimming


The Compliant Knife

Shape Process Automation's patented Compliant Knife technology is one of the most efficient means of trimming constantly shrinking blowmolded and injection molded parts. The compliant knife, which is mounted to the end of a robot, is uniquely designed to have just the right amount of flexibility to accurately and precisely deflash parting lines. The robot guides the knife around the area to be trimmed, leaving a clean edge.

The Ultrasonic Knife

The ultrasonic knife, which is mounted to the end of a robot, vibrates at frequencies up to 22 kHz to easily cut through thermoplastic films, uncured rubber, aerospace materials and woven or non-woven fabrics and textiles.

The ultrasonic knife cuts through materials more cleanly and with less friction than a cold knife, so it is ideal for trimming soft trim parts like carpets, shoe soles, headliners, automotive HVAC and instrument panel skins.

For additional information, please take a look at Shape Process Automation's Ultrasonic Knife FAQ's.