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Solution Provider

To Shape Process Automation being a "Solution Provider" means much more than being a Robotic System Integrator. It means that we take responsibility for helping our customers through the entire life cycle of their production system. Starting with helping to select the appropriate technology to process their parts and continuing on, being there year to year providing legendary support until the system is taken out of use. This commitment to the long term relationship has served Shape Process Automation and its customers very well, and has rewarded Shape Process Automation with a large quantity of long term and repeat customer relationships.

There's an old saying that "when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail". Shape Process Automation's continuing investment in diversifying and advancing the process technologies that we offer means that our customers can often compare several choices for how to process their part to get the combination of quality, throughput, capital cost and lifetime running costs for their parts. This means that when you come to Shape Process Automation for robotic processing analysis you will be presented with options, not forced to use a single technology.

Offering flexible robotic solutions requires that Shape Process Automation be flexible and agile as well. We work with our network of global partners to continually reinvent our approach to meeting new needs presented by our customers. Give us a chance to understand your needs and provide you with your specific Solution!

Shape Process Automation. Creating value through automation.