About Shape Process Automation:

We manufacture turnkey 3D robotics cutting and trimming systems for the plastics, automotive, heavy truck, construction, marine, bath & spa and home appliance industries. With our advanced robotics expertise - we are the global leader in robotic process automation for flexible Material Removal systems.

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Industrial Robot Technology for Manufacturing Process Automation

Industrial robot technology for robotics manufacturing applications by Shape Process Automation provides a complete end to end solution for the automation of manufacturing processes in any industry. As an authorized Fanuc Robotics Integration Partner- the foundation of our industrial robotics solutions begin with the most respected industrial robot manufacturer.

Industrial Robot Specifics:

Shape Process Automation's industrial robot technology specializes in robotic cutting and trimming applications and related flexible material removal, material handling and parts cleaning. Our robotics manufacturing applications utilize multiple processes that are requirements based to fit your specific production and environmental needs. Our core process applications include laser, router, ultrasonic compliant knife, and waterjet robot technologies.

Custom Robot Technology:

Our custom industrial robotics systems extend our core processes with the integration of servo controlled rotating work tables and walls with part holding fixtures to aid in part loading and increases in manufacturing process throughput. Our robot technology capabilities are further enhanced by additional customization and safety options such as automatically opening and closing cell doors, automatic tool changing, and our proprietary software systems for exact part location and tool path programming.

Industrial Robotics information for your manufacturing applications:

For more detailed information on how our industrial robotics applications can benefit your production needs- we offer you can learn more about how we can help your manufacturing needs specifically by industry, by specific robotics manufacturing process, by specific material(s) or even learn about our custom industrial robotics manufacturing systems by following the menu links above or the process specific links below.