DRS Robotic Solutions

Waterjet Cutting

Dynamic Robotic Solutions is the market leader in 6-axis robotic waterjet trimming systems. Our Cutting Box concepts can help you produce more parts per hour and greatly improve part quality. If one of DRS' standard systems aren't the best match for your trimming needs, we can build a customized solution for you.

Waterjet Systems

How It Works

A high-pressure waterjet is used as a tool to cut a wide range of materials. The energy required for cutting materials is obtained by pressurising water to ultra-high pressures and forming an intense cutting stream by focusing the stream through a small, precious-stone orifice. The fine jet is very powerful, with cutting speeds between 100 and 500 mm/sec for headliners.

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Benefits With Waterjet Cutting

  • No heat affected zone, hardening or stress in the material.
  • Efficient material utilisation, small kerf width.
  • Omni-directional cutting of contours.
  • Limited cutting force on the part, only simple and cost effective fixtures.
  • Rapid and easy prototyping.
  • Simple design changes.
  • Flexible process allowing just in time manufacturing.
  • No secondary finishing is needed.