DRS Robotic Solutions


It takes much more than simply combining a robot and a high pressure pump to ensure that the customer has a reliable system able to work at peak efficiency over numerous years of continuous production and provide the expected return on investment. Dynamic Robotic Solutions software options allow the customer to optimize their system to their needs.

Software Packs

DRS PowerPac for Robot studio 5.x

Add on software for creating Cutting programs or Simulations and designed for the functionality of DRS Cutting Boxes. To be used in combination with “RobotStudio 5.x (X5607) and includes features as: DRS PowerPac Toolbar, DRS Library and several support functions.


Robot Perforation Function

This function is recommended in those cases when the work-piece shall be cut with perforation. The function consists of software, which produces the selected perforation pattern in co-ordination with the robot motion. The function simplifies programming and saves space in the robot memory. Individual patterns can easily be programmed by means of perforation length and frequency. The software is installed to the robot system during the booting sequence.