DRS Robotic Solutions

Router Trimming

DRS' robotic router trimming systems are designed to help manufacturers trim more parts per hour, reduce downtime and improve employee safety. These path intensive applications require a special knowledge of what it takes to create a reliable, repeatable and flexible trimming solution.

Router Trimming Systems

The Routing Process

Robotic routing is a fast and efficient material separation process that takes place when a drill bit, attached to a high-speed routing spindle on the end of the robot, is driven into a part and dragged along the area to be trimmed. The router, which produces a very clean edge in plastics and composites, can be programmed to cut through the part completely or trim the material to a predetermined depth.

Versatile use

Materials like fiberglass, polypropylene, instrument panel substrates, composites, polycarbonate/PCABS, gel coat and FRP, low pressure molded polypropylene, vinyl, acrylic, wood, and SMC (as well as some others) are ideal for router trimming. Router bits cut cleanly through thick materials without leaving burrs.